Born: 09/03/2014

Hips: A

Elbows: B

High: 56.2 cm

MDR +/- Carrier

DM: Carrier

Long Hair gene: Carrier


Blacky is one of the smaller WSS dogs in Australia. She is 56.2 cm high and has a pure white coat and solid black pigmentation. She has an  excellent temperament and is a kind and friendly dog, suitable for either a home pet or for participating in a dog show. Blacky attended many competition and has growing point scores. Blacky is the half sister of Ch. Edelvalley Crystal Clover http://www.eiramor.com .

Her father is ather CH. Gigolo of Trebons Berger Blanc (IMP ESP).

Blacky's bloodlines provide potential for her puppies to have either medium length hair or long hair.

ROYAL LILI-Akbo Parchovany


IMPORT –Slovak Republic (SK)

Born: 08--10-2006-Parchovany-Slovakia

High : 58 cm

MDR +/+ 

DM: Not available this time

Long Hair gene: Carrier

Lili is importec from http://akboparchovany.com/bady+poh1.JPG   

Lili is oldest Dog in Australia. She is over 13 years old now.


Lili Akbo –Parchovany was imported in 2007 .  Lili is a small dog  bitch measuring 58cm high.

Lili has solid black pigment and beautiful pure white coat. Lili has attended many dog shows in NSW.

Lili is the mother of: 

Lili follows a very healthy bloodline. She is now 13 years old , we believe she is the oldest WSS female in Australia. Lili's mother, Dolly-Akbo Parchovany also lived a long life from 22.11.2000/ to until 10.3.2015.

We purchased this puppy from this bitch , because she had a smaller sized body, she had a medium length coat, excellent pigment, she was carrier of the long hair gene and she was MDR1 ++.

Lili has a very popular father, Flash Youkon of the White Sunshine (BADY) 


JULLY-Akbo Parchovany

IMPORT –Slovak Republic (SK)

Born: 23-10-2004-Parchovany-Slovakia

Die:  14.12.2015 -Sydney –Australia

High : 59 cm

MDR 1 +/+ 

DM: Not available this time

Long Hair gene: Carrier

Jully-Akbo Parchovany  was the first  Australian ANKC  registered White Swiss Shepherd bitch.

JULLY was imported  from Akbo–Parchovany kennel in Slovakia.  Jully was  a good guarding dog and had a beautiful personality.  She had an excellent body structure and beautiful looking face.  Jully was short hair, had solid black pigment and a pure white coat.  Jully was first WSS dog to attend the Dogs NSW Pet Expo.

Jully produced a puppy called EdelValley Avalanche-Lily Fax  who was sold to Fax Shepherd kennel as a co-ownership with Edelweiss Valley.

JENNY-Akbo Parchovany

Born: 23-10-2004-Parchovany-Slovakia

Die :21.3.2018-Sydney –Australia

High : 58 cm

MDR 1 +/+ 

DM: Not available this time

Long Hair gene: Carrier

was First  Australian ANKC  recognised “WHITE SWISS SHEPPHERD bitch”

Jennyy was imported from Akbo –Parchovany kennel with Jully. Jenny was  a good guarding dog with excellent structure body. Jenny had medium length hair, black pigment and pure white coat.  

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