Born: 09/03/2014

Hips: A

Elbows: B

High: 56.2 cm

MDR +/- Carrier

DM: Carrier

Long Hair gene: Carrier


Blacky is one of the smaller WSS dogs in Australia. She is 56.2 cm high and has a pure white coat and solid black pigmentation. She has an  excellent temperament and is a kind and friendly dog, suitable for either a home pet or for participating in a dog show. Blacky attended many competition and has growing point scores. Blacky is the half sister of Ch. Edelvalley Crystal Clover http://www.eiramor.com .

Her father is ather CH. Gigolo of Trebons Berger Blanc (IMP ESP).

Blacky's bloodlines provide potential for her puppies to have either medium length hair or long hair.

Blacky npedegree 2020.jpg

ROYAL LILI-Akbo Parchovany


IMPORT –Slovak Republic (SK)

Born: 08--10-2006-Parchovany-Slovakia

High : 58 cm

MDR +/+ 

DM: Not available this time

Long Hair gene: Carrier

Lili is importec from http://akboparchovany.com/bady+poh1.JPG   

Lili is oldest Dog in Australia. She is over 13 years old now.


Lili Akbo –Parchovany was imported in 2007 .  Lili is a small dog  bitch measuring 58cm high.

Lili has solid black pigment and beautiful pure white coat. Lili has attended many dog shows in NSW.

Lili is the mother of: 

Lili follows a very healthy bloodline. She is now 13 years old , we believe she is the oldest WSS female in Australia. Lili's mother, Dolly-Akbo Parchovany also lived a long life from 22.11.2000/ to until 10.3.2015.

We purchased this puppy from this bitch , because she had a smaller sized body, she had a medium length coat, excellent pigment, she was carrier of the long hair gene and she was MDR1 ++.

Lili has a very popular father, Flash Youkon of the White Sunshine (BADY) 



JULLY-Akbo Parchovany

IMPORT –Slovak Republic (SK)

Born: 23-10-2004-Parchovany-Slovakia

Die:  14.12.2015 -Sydney –Australia

High : 59 cm

MDR 1 +/+ 

DM: Not available this time

Long Hair gene: Carrier

Jully-Akbo Parchovany  was the first  Australian ANKC  registered White Swiss Shepherd bitch.

JULLY was imported  from Akbo–Parchovany kennel in Slovakia.  Jully was  a good guarding dog and had a beautiful personality.  She had an excellent body structure and beautiful looking face.  Jully was short hair, had solid black pigment and a pure white coat.  Jully was first WSS dog to attend the Dogs NSW Pet Expo.

Jully produced a puppy called EdelValley Avalanche-Lily Fax  who was sold to Fax Shepherd kennel as a co-ownership with Edelweiss Valley.


JENNY-Akbo Parchovany

Born: 23-10-2004-Parchovany-Slovakia

Die :21.3.2018-Sydney –Australia

High : 58 cm

MDR 1 +/+ 

DM: Not available this time

Long Hair gene: Carrier

was First  Australian ANKC  recognised “WHITE SWISS SHEPPHERD bitch”

Jennyy was imported from Akbo –Parchovany kennel with Jully. Jenny was  a good guarding dog with excellent structure body. Jenny had medium length hair, black pigment and pure white coat.